Mask and snorkel sets - Matrix mask and Gamma snorkel set

Matrix mask and Gamma snorkel set

Following the revolutionary principles introduced by the Big Eyes, the Matrix mask establishes new records with the patented concept of raked lenses and their special “inverted drop” developed further.

The lenses are placed as closely as possible to the eyes, to further increase the field of vision while the newly designed headband is narrow and practically invisible when the mask is being worn.

In the upper part of the headband there are inserts in a rubber material that not only has a strong grip but is also aesthetically attractive. Two pressure buckles allow for quick and accurate adjustment of the strap.

The soft silicone skirt has a new profile and a wide sealing ring for excellent grip and unprecedented comfort.

The internal volume of the mask is exceptionally low, lower than that of many free diving models and the weight is decidedly low.

The Gamma snorkell features a profiled guard that drastically reduces water intake and splashing from the top without blocking breathing.

A new drainage well draws all the remaining water to the bottom end of the tube, preventing all blockage to breathing, while an internal elliptical valve optimises water drainage, making it quick and easy to purge the snorkel.

An adjustable attachment system runs along the snorkel bore for perfect positioning and allows quick attachment to your mask.

Matrix mask

  • Type: two lens mask
  • Versions: transparent silicone, black silicone
  • Materials: liquid silicone, techno-polymers, elastomers
  • Strap buckles: pressure, with instant adjustment
  • Internal volume: very low
  • Size of the headband: 163 x 91 mm
  • Weight: 175 g

Gamma snorkel

  • Profiled guard to reduce water intake
  • Internal elliptical valve for optimal water drainage
  • Adjustable attachment allows quick attachment and easy positioning