Medas lady 7mm

Medas lady 7mm
The Medas lady is a classic 7mm universal wetsuit designed specifically to fit women. It provides greater warmth than its 5mm counterpart for those who venture out in colder conditions.

The Medas is a traditional strong point in the Cressi range and has been fully restyled and improved.

The most important innovations are to the suit's cut, which now has with pre-shaped arms and legs. This offers extreme comfort during dives as while swimming the limbs are in the most natural position.

The jacket is made from double-lined 7mm neoprene and fastens at the groin with snap-on toggles. The area around the face and the neck are made in single-lined neoprene to guarantee comfort and minimize water infiltration. The pre-shaped sleeves allow the wearer to effortlessly keep the arms in a natural semi-flexed position.  

The long johns, also in double-lined 7mm neoprene, have a zip on the upper part of the chest to aid putting on and taking off. Knee and shin areas have anti-wear inserts for increased durability. Pre-shaped legs make kicking easier as they allow slight flexing of the legs during swimming to occur naturally.

There is a thin, single-lined 1.5 mm neoprene seal at the wrists and ankles that makes the suit easy to put on and take off.

The excellent price, tailored cut and the usual attention to detail make this a model that is widely used and appreciated by divers all over the world. It is one of the most popular suits in diving centres and is ideal for renting.

  • Jackets and long johns can be purchased separately and in different sizes to allow a more customised fit. 
  • Wetsuit made up of jacket with incorporated hood and dungaree style trousers.
  • Jacket and long johns in 7mm double lined neoprene
  • Pre-shaped sleeves and legs
  • Jacket with zip from groin to cheek and toggle fastening at the groin
  • Anti-wear inserts on knees, shins and shoulders
  • Wrists and ankles with the Aquastop system (seals in single-lined 1.5mm neoprene) 
  • Jackets and long johns can be purchased separately and in different sizes to allow a more customised fit.