Scuba Regulator | 1st and 2nd stage | Cressi XS Compact MC9

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This premier travel regulator packs maximum performance into minimum space.

A true featherweight second stage, the Cressi XS Compact is built from lightweight techno-polymers to eliminate jaw fatigue.

Easy to pack and easy to dive, the XS Compact includes dive/pre-dive Venturi switch for managing freeflow and maximizing performance at depth.

Suitable for beginners, diving, schools and rental.


The MC9 is a hyper-balanced diaphragm 1st stage with highly technological content that places it at the top of the Cressi range. 

It's light body is covered by a protective elastomer shell and the cylinder is sheathed in an antifriction and anticorrosion material that guarantees perfect sliding of the piston and long maintenance intervals.

The nozzle, made from 316 stainless steel, can be easily replaced, thus ensuring perfect air-tightness, even after many years of use.

Advanced research on the passage of internal air and a special assistance chamber have enabled the drop of pressure upon inhalation to be kept to a minimum, thusguaranteeing high performance in any situation. 

Hyper-balancing allows for an increase of the intermediate pressure at maximum depths and lowering of the pressure in the tank, offering higher performance during the delicate ascent phase and at maximum depths.  

DIN 200/300 bar fitting in stainless steel which prevents deformation of the thread in the event that the regulator suffers any falls.

RRP. $599.99