Spearfishing and Freediving Fins

  • Gara Modular camo carbon fins
    Exceptional fins for free divers or spear fishers looking for maximum performance.
  • Gara modular black
    Features an interchangeable blade for light, reactive performance suitable for all divers from beginner to the most demanding.
  • Modular foot pockets (pair)
    Pair of foot pockets for interchangeable blades.
  • Modular blades plastic (pair)
    Thermoplastic blade to fit the Gara modular foot pocket.
  • Modular blade carbon camo (each)
    Directional camouflage carbon blade to ensure the thrust that only composite fibers can deliver. To fit Gara modular pocket.
  • Gara 3000 LD
    With a softer blade the Gara 3000 LD requires less muscle effort when kicking making them perfect for those long dives.
  • Gara 2000 HF
    A new fin from Cressi that combines three different materials to offer unsurpassed performance for free diving, spearfishing or scuba.